Alan Watt’s “The World’s Most Dangerous Book”

A friend of mine was going through all her dad’s old Playboys, and in the issue from December 1973 she uncovered this precious historic gem: Alan Watt’s “The World’s Most Dangerous Book.” I haven’t bothered to look elsewhere online to see if this has been posted, but I’m happy to have a home for it here too.


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  1. I was excited to find this – but looks like a different article from page 5 & 6. Have you still got the original? Kind Regards.



  2. Yeah the first full-text page (122) says it continues on page 136, but the rest of the pages shown here aren’t Alan Watts. I hope Arcesse Eum can post the correct pages b/c while i can read the text elsewhere, the layout in Playboy is pretty cool.



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