Ancient Mystery Cults FAQ

mystery cults

What were the Greco-Roman mysteries?  Where were they most popular?  What exactly happened in these initiation ceremonies?  What is the relationship between ritual magic and the mysteries?  What is the current status on the study of mystery cults?  Classicists Dan Attrell and Stephen Millburn discuss these and many other frequently asked questions concerning the Greco-Roman mystery cults (Mithraism, Dionysianism, the Isaic mysteries, the mysteries of Attis and Cyele, the Eleusinian mysteries, etc.) in order to provide a general survey of the subject.

If you have any personal questions you would like to have answered in one of our next talks, please include them in the comment box – don’t be afraid to ask about specifics.  Don’t forget to subscribe for more discussions, lectures, and presentations on this and other similar subjects (Paganism, Early Christianity, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Alchemy, etc.).

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