Hermetic Yoga – Basic Asana (Postures)

This brief introductory yoga session is dedicated to a few of my friends who needed a basic introduction to the practice of Asana.  There’s really nothing Hermetic about it other than its quasi-psychedelic piss-poor production (Sorry).  I realize the video itself is fairly obscure, but I’ve tried to give some instructions as we go.  Work through this session as often as you’re able – regular practice will dramatically improve flexibility in your hips and hamstrings while strengthening your core, shoulders and arms.

I tend to emphasize planks and upper-body postures more than most people.  For this reason, my stuff may be more suited to men than women – but this isn’t necessarily the case if you’re a strong armed woman.  I hear breasts can be heavy.

As a general rule of thumb, hold each pose for five long deep breaths.

Remember – Yoga is far more than just Asana (poses) – check out my channel for more information, especially Aleister Crowley’s Eight Lectures on Yoga (http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNnqqvK2yDEGcniajqU2TJCGiGNSTe-Ci)

If people like this, I can make more.  Nevertheless, I’m no expert.  I’ve just been at this for a few years and can conjure up a few decent routines vis-à-vis specific needs.  I have no intention to compete with all of the glossy, high-quality, over-sexualized yoga instructors that are all the rage on YouTube these days.  In any case, those are good too – just as long as you get moving and you practice consistently.  Sitting is the new smoking, as they say.


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