Hymn to Saturn (XXVII)


Hymn to Saturn (XXVII)

O leaden one, so now we’re undone,

O iron cage, you great endless maze

Master of Vine, and embodied time,

Devourer of children and loud-roaring chime.

Seek the old man, the hermit and the king,

The slave and the mason, and gifts black thieves bring.

He of the Oak, and every deep green leaf,

He of body’s quarter, the fluid that brings grief.

Of apes and bears and long necked birds,

Of the opium palace’s deceitful words

Of crows, ravens and all dark wings,

Of every black and tawny thing

Knower of secrets, all dressed in black,

Of heat and moisture, and all that you lack.

Chaldean priest, Hebraic lord

O final rung of silver chord!

Lord of soil and of lofty peaks,

Of mountains so black and rivers so deep!

Lord of right ear, lord of spleen,

Lord of Death and realms between!

Speaker of every wonderous thing,

Stifler of spheres and the fortunes they bring

To whom he makes promise, he ever betrays

He who detains til the end of our days.


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