Honor The Gods: Mead, Madness, and the Poetic Cosmos (Dan Attrell with Eirik Westcoat)

Topics: Norse Mythology, Traditional Poetic Forms, Skaldic Poetry, Norse Cosmology.

“Honor the Gods with the ancient poetic forms! Now, for the first time in perhaps hundreds of years, here is a vast new collection of liturgical poetry for honoring the Aesir and Vanir in the alliterative meters that the Gods and their worshipers used in the Viking Age. To the Gods, poetry is a precious mead — brewed from honey and the blood of wisdom — which was brought to Asgard by Óðinn himself. Isn’t it only fitting that you offer them some of that mead in your rites?”

*Viking Poetry for Heathen Rites: Asatru Liturgy in Traditional Verse*

Amazon (hardcover, paperback, and kindle formats): http://amzn.to/2tVbht7

Audio recordings of poems available exclusively at BandCamp:

For the EPUB format, here’s links to Apple iBooks and B&N Nook:

Here’s the link for the PDF format:

Visit Eirik’s blog is at: http://www.theskaldiceagle.com
There, you can find more details about his book and his various social media links.

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