72 Cabalistic Conclusions [A Christian Interpretation of Kabbalah from the Renaissance]

Here are the concluding 72 Theses of Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola’s “900 Conclusiones” in which he attempted to highlight the merits of Cabala as he understood it (in its purely Christian interpretation) in preparation for a debate before the Pope at Rome in 1486. A small handful of Pico’s theses were deemed heretical before he was allowed to hold the debate in public, and he was promptly excommunicated from the Church after writing an Apologia defending himself against the accusations of his committee. Today these 900 theses stand as a monument to the breadth (more so than the depth) of Renaissance thought, and they provide us with a window into the mind of the Latin West’s very first Christian cabalist, a man who sought to appropriate the “Hebraica veritas” in order to use it as a weapon against its original proponents, all in an ultimate attempt to immanentize the end times.

For a copy of the full work including all 900 Conclusiones in both English translation and in the original Latin (by S. A. Farmer), click here (affiliate link).

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