Sepher Yetzirah [W.W. Wescott, trans. 1887]

Traditionally ascribed to Abraham
Translated by William Wynn Wescott, tr. (1887)
Read by Dan Attrell

This is by no means the best translation of the Sepher Yetzirah, nor is it even really a good one. In the words of Justin Sledge over at Esoterica, this old translation is ‘a mess.’ Nevertheless, it is a significant text in the history of 19th century Western Esotericism and Occultism, and it is a version which is in the public domain. As such, I will read it as is, with warts and all, making only some very minor adjustments along the way (such as reading the letters provided in the Latin alphabet in their Hebrew equivalents). At times there are strange interpolations, such as sections taken from Chapter 5 and re-injected into Chapter 1. For a more up-to-date translation that has scholarly rather than historiographical merit, please go read Tzahi Weiss’s most recent edition, or the translation made by Aryeh Kaplan, or the one made by Peter Hayman, each of which have their merits. Lastly, if I mangled any Hebrew pronunciations, please forgive me.

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