The Platonic Philosopher’s Creed (Thomas Taylor) and the 147 Delphic Maxims (Stobaeus)

This work is part of a larger collaboration on Platonic philosophy with:

– Filip Holm from Let’s Talk Religion: What is Neoplatonism?
– Justin Sledge from Esoterica: The Neoplatonic Attack on Gnosticism: Plotinus vs the Gnostics
– Angela Puca from Angela’s Symposium: Plotinus and Iamblichus on Theurgy and Magic
– Zevi Slavin from Seekers of Unity: From Neoplatonism to Kabbalah: A Mystical Journey
– John Vervaeke: Levels of Intelligibility: Neoplatonism & 4E Cognitive Science

Full text available here in PDF format
Full text available here in PDF format

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