Encyclopedia Hermetica: A Big History

In this informal series of lectures and interviews presented by The Modern Hermeticist that ran from 2015-2018, Dan Attrell flies through the centuries chronologically in an attempt to provide a wide audience with a big picture of Western history. The exoteric portions of the Encyclopedia Hermetica cover major events and trends in politics, art,  religion, science as covered in typical historical works so as to provide listeners with a more traditional  framework. This grand narrative, however, serves a dual-function as a vehicle for imparting teachings of a more esoteric and personal nature: the discussions are punctuated by an honest, no-holds barred commentary that delves off into subjects such as philosophy, psychedelia, the occult, mysticism, and mind control, the history of these subjects, and some opinions about the ways in which people continue to interpret them. This is done to provide listeners not only with a basic chronology of events in the history of Western Esotericism, but also a Weltanschauung in the spirit of a liberal education.

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