On the God of Socrates – Apuleius [Audiobook]

On the God of Socrates (De Deo Socratis) by Apuleius (c. 124-170 AD)


De Deo Socratis (On the God of Socrates) is an ancient Latin work on the existence and nature of “daimons” (neutral spirits) which were thought to be the intermediaries between gods and humans. This treatise was attacked in the polemical writings of Augustine of Hippo, and as such played a major role in the Medieval Latin West’s perceptions about the links between ‘paganism’ and ‘demonology’ (alongside other works such as the Asclepius, the writings of the Neoplatonist philosophers (esp. Iamblichus), the Secret of Secrets, or the Picatrix, for example).

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