Is the Kybalion Really Hermetic?

The Modern Hermeticist weighs in on the controversy surrounding the forbidden question: “Is the Kybalion Really Hermetic?”

Thumbnail Art: Bisttram, Creative Forces, (1936).

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  1. […] Is the Kybalion Really Hermetic? – Dan Attrell The Modern Hermeticist absolutely crushes it with his video here […]

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  2. […] Thought book The Kybalion (about which I’ve said so much before and about which many others have, too), and just a few weeks ago (on January 11, 2022) released his 1hr15min movie about the book.  […]

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  3. […] manner; in other words (as Dan Attrell over at The Modern Hermeticist has pointed out), “Hermetic” is a descriptor less of what is said and more of how it is said. In this lattermost light, the Kybalion can claim to be Hermetic, despite its utter lack of […]

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